At JAE-CE, our attorneys personally assist their clients with the corporate and tax planning associated with the establishment of business operations in Puerto Rico. In particular, our team provides strategic planning to help each client create the most efficient entity structure in order to maximize his/her/their resources. To do so, we help our clients navigate a variety of transactions, including, but not limited to, project development and strategic alliances.


From CPAs, attorneys, insurance brokers, real estate agents to financial advisors, we have developed a network of professionals which can ease your transition into Puerto Rico.

During our initial consultation, we’ll talk about your business model and the tax strategies that can improve your structure and deliver significant tax savings.

We combine years of experience with fresh thinking to tackle challenges and help you plan for what’s next.

Our practice focuses on designing tax efficient strategies and corporate structures for individuals and businesses in various industries, including energy, non-profit sector, financial services, and emerging services in Fintech, such as blockchain related businesses and investments. Our know-how in corporate and compliance matters helps us assist clients in ensuring best practices in corporate and real estate transactions. 

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Attorneys Alemar and Medina can provide you a complete, accurate and succinct analysis of your current business model. Likewise, they can help you navigate the Puerto Rican legal system and help structure your business in a tax efficient manner within the United States.